The word “Anzac” has been a part of Australian thought, language, and life since 25 April 1915. Devised by a signaller in Egypt as a useful acronym for “Australian and New Zealand Army Corps”, it quickly became a word with many uses and meanings.

Here, at Carrum Downs Secondary College we are very proud to be able to use the name synonymous with the brave men and women of our country, where we striving to reflect the values for which they stood in our everyday actions. Honesty, Integrity and Mateship are just some of those values which we hold to high regard. We believe that it is our responsibility to the college community to lead by example in order to foster positive learning relationships between students and educators.

The ANZAC House is led by Taylor Wright. Taylor has been part of the college Community for over 10 years, having been responsible for establishing the new House System at the College. Vanessa Murphy and Matthew Wright are the two House Assistant Leaders, both who have also been a part of the college community for a considerable amount of time. Other members of the team include Belinda Wilson, the House Support Officer, who is responsible for any attendance and often is the first port of call for parents and : Tran Nguyen, Andy Ding, Jacqui Witt, Sam Walsh, Stephanie Langadiotis, Timur Bekmouratov, Michael Snow, Lauren Cahill, Lisa Floyd and Dani Hadj.