The Flynn house was named after John Flynn. During his study to become a minister, John Flynn remembered the tough life of the outback where he was raised. This lead him to becoming the founder of the Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service. His kind personality and determination saved many people’s lives and he should be recognized as one of Australia’s greatest heroes. The Flynn House is led by Sally Walsh who is new to the College this year, she is assisted by Jenny Drummond and Andrea Ross, both who have been at the College for some time. Other members of the team include Louise Burley, the House Support Officer, who is responsible for any attendance and often is the first port of call for parents and: Kurt Kerstens, Emma Geddis, Vanessa Lakic, Trish Harry, Simon Harry, Peter Radcliffe, Saray Bennett, Cornelia Cefai, Teagan Fairburn, Michael Melfi, Khoi Nguyen, Biji Pillai and Adam Stevens.