The Gilmore house was named after Mary Gilmore. Mary was born near Goulburn, New South Wales. She became a teacher and a writer and was editor of the women’s pages of the Australian Worker newspaper for 23 years. In 1886, Gilmore went to Paraguay in South America to join a group of Australians who planned to set up a new colony where everyone would be equal and would work together. This colony was not successful. After some years, Gilmore came back to Australia with her husband. She spent the rest of her life writing, doing her editing work and fighting for people who needed help. These included Aboriginal people, children who were forced to work in factories and shearers who were being underpaid. She also fought hard for women’s rights. In 1937 she was made Dame Mary Gilmore by King George VI. The Gilmore house is lead by Dave Goble who has been at the College for more than 10 years, he is assisted by Melissa Kendall and Sam Widdowson. Other members of the team include Ruth Coster, the House Support Officer, who is responsible for any attendance and often is the first port of call for parents and: Kaitlyn Brand, Amanda Brabham, Wendy Coustley, Craig Fathers, Andrew Frost, Nick Grose, Luke Groves, Arivu Kumaran, Nicole Robinson, Teegan Simmons, Darren Turner.