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The Carrum Downs Secondary College Council and Uniform subcommittee has given careful consideration to the design of our uniform.  We have selected clothing that is comfortable, attractive and practical for students to wear to school each day. The uniform is designed to enhance the sense of belonging to our school and therefore is compulsory for all students.

Our aim is for students to represent Carrum Downs Secondary College in an appearance that is clean, neat and tidy, thus wearing our Uniform with pride. The complete uniform must be worn to and from school without any additional non-uniform jackets or hats.

  • The complete uniform must be worn to and from school without any additional non-uniform jackets or hats.
  • The only acceptable school shoes are traditional black leather lace up school shoes.
  • Vans, T-bars, Globes, Volley’s are NOT permitted.
  • A small amount of jewellery may be worn with safety being considered in all instances.
  • Extreme hair colours, extreme hairstyles and heavy make-up are NOT permitted.
  • Fake nails, heavy make up, nail polish and facial piercings are NOT permitted.


169 Cheltenham Rd. Dandenong 3175

03 9792 0424



As a part of our commitment to providing the best possible educational outcomes for our students, the College has implemented a compulsory resource list. Students will be required to purchase all texts and materials for their subjects from the Campion Education resource list.

  • Some texts may be available second-hand for purchase via the Sustainable School Shop however, care needs to be taken to buy the correct edition of the book. Where there is more than one edition, the edition required has been specified on the resource list.
  • Items shown under “Optional Stationery” are, as it says, optional – there is no requirement by the College for you to buy these unless you wish.
  • The items to be purchased for some subjects are for Semester subjects, which will be taken by students at different times of the year. If the student is not taking one or more of these subjects at the very beginning of the year, these items should be put away safely until they are needed in Semester 2. 


88-92 Waterview Cl. Dandenong South 3175

1300 433 982

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The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) is an annual payment to the College tobe used towards camps, sports and/or excursion expenses for the benefit of the eligible student. Secondary school student rate: $225 per year. Parents/Guardians must be a holder of Veterans Affairs Hold Card, or be an eligible Centrelink Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card holder. Temporary foster parents are also eligible.

Buy and sell second-hand uniform and textbooks with the Carrum Downs Secondary College Textbook/Uniform Buy And Sell Facebook Page –

State Schools Relief are now selling reduced price school shoes from their Dandenong South store.  Parents and carers are welcome at the store and students can try on the shoes to check fitting prior to purchase. Extra wide fittings are available!

If you are experiencing financial hardship and require assistance with the Campion Education resource list, BuxWear uniform list or College charges, please contact the College Business Manager as soon as possible.



1/8 Johnston Ct. Dandenong South 3175

03 8769 8400



Carrum Downs Secondary College prides itself on providing quality wellbeing and learning support for our students through the Wellbeing Support Team. Located in the Wellbeing Support Centre, the Wellbeing Support Team contributes to the broader College goals of student engagement and academic success.

The Wellbeing Support Team offers the following services and programs:

  • Counselling
  • Group programs
  • Health education and promotion activities
  • Integration support
  • Early intervention programs
  • Engagement in school wide initiatives that support our students’ social emotional development and wellbeing

The Wellbeing Support Team is comprised of:

  • Wellbeing Support Coordinator
  • Counsellors
  • Adolescence Health School Nurse
  • Integration Aide Team

The Wellbeing Support Team highly value community-based support services and continually seeks new and exciting opportunities to engage students and families in lifelong learning. This includes collaboration and consultations with:

  • Frankston City Council Youth Services
  • The regional SSSO (Student Support Services Officers)
  • Headspace
  • ELMHS (Early in Life Mental Health Service)

To engage with the Wellbeing support services, please contact your House Leader to arrange a referral to the Wellbeing Support Team.


As a College we have a partnership with The Resilience Project which encourages students to focus on gratitude, empathy and mindfulness as a basis for increasing their resilience in every day life. Activities and learning to assist in mental health benefits will occur during class time and can be applied daily. The curriculum has been specifically designed to develop pro-social skills, careers and pathways understandings and personal wellbeing.



DIS is an initiative the Government has introduced in some schools to help with:

  • Making health care more accessible to students
  • Provide assistance to young people to identify and address any health problems
  • Reduce the pressure on working parents

COST: Free

WHAT TO BRING: Medicare number

BOOKING: Via ‘Conferences’ on Compass, or The Wellbeing Team

OPENING HOURS: Thursdays 11 am – 2:30 pm




The Hollows House is named in honour of Fred Hollows, who was known for his work in saving eyesight in Australia and many countries around the world. We continue to support this cause through community work and fund raising for the Fred Hollows Foundation.
The Flynn House was named after John Flynn. During his study to become a minister, John Flynn remembered the tough life of the outback where he was raised. This lead him to becoming the founder of the Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service. His kind personality and determination saved many people’s lives and he should be recognised as one of Australia’s greatest heroes.
The word “Anzac” has been a part of Australian thought, language, and life since 25 April 1915. Devised by a signaller in Egypt as a useful acronym for “Australian and New Zealand Army Corps”, it quickly became a word with many uses and meanings. Here, at Carrum Downs Secondary College we are very proud to be able to use the name synonymous with the brave men and women of our country.
The Gilmore House was named after Mary Gilmore, born near Goulburn, New South Wales. She became a teacher and a writer and was editor of the women’s pages of the Australian Worker newspaper. Gilmore went to Paraguay in South America to join a group of Australians who planned to set up a new colony, where everyone would be equal and would work together. She spent the rest of her life writing, doing her editing work and fighting for people who needed help.


ANZAC HOUSE – 9788 9156
HOLLOWS HOUSE – 9788 9126
GILMORE HOUSE – 9788 9149
FLYNN HOUSE – 9788 9150
COLLEGE OFFICE – 9788 9100

CDSC has an attendance expectation of 95%. To help reach this goal the College employs a range of strategies, including:

  • Having four House Support Officers (HSO’s) who monitor student attendance
  • House and whole school awards for students with 95% and above attendance
  • End of year awards and vouchers for students who finish the year with 100% attendance
  • Student absence plans

If your child is absent, running late or if something arises during the day requiring your child to leave early, please ring the relevant House number and the HSO will sign your child in/out.

If you are aware that your child needs to depart early (e.g. pre-planned appointment), please send your child with a note in the morning, and they will then be able to meet you at the required time after signing out with their HSO.

The education department now requires parents wanting to take students out of school for an extended period of time to request permission in writing for the student to be away from school.

This must be sent to the Principal at least 1 term prior to the dates sought.

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