House Structure


House Leader: Joel White
House Support Officer: Louise Burley
Direct Phone: 9788 9150

The Flynn House was named after John Flynn. During his study to become a minister, John Flynn remembered the tough life of the outback where he was raised. This lead him to becoming the founder of the Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service. His kind personality and determination saved many people’s lives and he should be recognised as one of Australia’s greatest heroes.


House Leader: Andrea Ross
House Support Officer: Meg Campbell
Direct Phone: 9788 9156

The word “Anzac” has been a part of Australian thought, language, and life since 25 April 1915. Devised by a signaller in Egypt as a useful acronym for “Australian and New Zealand Army Corps”, it quickly became a word with many uses and meanings. Here, at Carrum Downs Secondary College we are very proud to be able to use the name synonymous with the brave men and women of our country.


House Leader: Naomi Watson
House Support Officer: Ruth Coster
Direct Phone: 9788 9149

The Gilmore House was named after Mary Gilmore, born near Goulburn, New South Wales. She became a teacher and a writer and was editor of the women’s pages of the Australian Worker newspaper. Gilmore went to Paraguay in South America to join a group of Australians who planned to set up a new colony, where everyone would be equal and would work together. She spent the rest of her life writing, doing her editing work and fighting for people who needed help.


House Leader: Vanessa Lakic
House Support Officer: Jo Resuggan
Direct Phone: 9788 9126

The Hollows House is named in honour of Fred Hollows, who was known for his work in saving eyesight in Australia and many countries around the world. We continue to support this cause through community work and fund raising for the Fred Hollows Foundation.

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