Dear Parents and Carers

Term 1 has come to rapid close and it has been a very busy term at the college. We welcomed our Year 7 cohort to the college and they have settled in well to the day to day routines and their learning. They have also undertaken a fantastic camp on which friendships were formed and our staff got to know them a little better.

This term has seen the continued introduction of our whole school instructional model (called GANAG) which is our framework that is aimed at ensuring all students are engaged in their learning for every lesson. All of our teachers are setting learning goals for each lesson and reflecting on the learning that has taken place at the end of each lesson. Our teachers are using high impact teaching and learning strategies to teach our agreed curriculum and using assessment data to target the teaching to the level required. We are undertaking this work in collaborative teams all with the common aim of improving student learning outcomes.

Our new gymnasium is making swift progress and as you drive past the college, you can now see the scale of the project and the incredible facility that is going to be delivered for our students, staff and community. At this stage we are on schedule for completion by term 3 and I look forward to inviting our community to see the completed building. This project is one part of our college master plan aimed at providing the best facilities possible for our community.

This year we are undertaking our college review which is focused on the things that we are doing well and the areas that we need to improve in. Our reviewer has been appointed and will be meeting with us shortly to outline and begin the review process. From our review we will develop our next four year Strategic Plan which outlines the key areas of work for the college. We have already begun some of this work and have been running focus groups with students from all year levels to find out what they think is working and they enjoy at the college and what areas need improvement. Staff have also had input into this process and we will of course be inviting parents and carers for their views and opinions. It is important that all stakeholders have a voice in this process.

Based on feedback we have already received from students we will be building more locker bays in the college to support students to store and access their equipment as they attend their various lessons. Part of this process will involve moving our bike shed to another location. As part of providing our students with the best facilities possible we need all parents to please pay their school fees. This money supports our college on many levels including learning programs and facilities. We have the lowest school fees of any school in the state and we have kept them at this low rate to not place a large financial burden on families. However without collection of these fees we are restricted in continuing our improvement journey. Payment plans are also available to assist families.

I would like to ask all parents/carers to support our students to wear a bike helmet as they ride or scooter to college. There are a number of students who are arriving without this important head protection and we know the importance a helmet plays should the worst case scenario occur and a child is involved in an accident. I would also ask all parents to encourage their child to use the relevant approved crossings adjacent to the college. This is the safest way to cross the road and reduces the risk of a car not being able to react to a student running across the road. Road awareness and road safety are important aspects of arriving and leaving the college and we have been reinforcing this with our students on a daily basis.

This term we have had our highest levels of attendance at our college open night and parent/student conferences. This indicates the increased interest and engagement in our college. Our college numbers have increased this year and will increase even further in 2020, which is a reflection of the improvement journey we have been on.

I would like to thank our staff for their support of our students and their learning and I would like to thank our students for focusing on their studies for Term 1. Please have a restful term break and I look forward to Term 2 where we will continue our focus on learning.


Mark Gow


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