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Our programs provide a stimulating and enjoyable learning experience for every student. The atmosphere of enjoyment of learning is central to our core programs and is underpinned by a carefully planned structure of Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Humanities. In addition, the students will experience a range of specialist programs in Technology, Arts, Health and PE and LOTE (Japanese and Spanish) which will assist them in making elective choices in year 9.

The curriculum and structure have been designed to enable teachers, students and parents to develop close and positive relationships with each other. This is because students learn well and teachers teach well when they know each other, respect each other and have the trust and willingness to work together. Our House structure supports individuals to grow socially and academically in a safe and stimulating environment. We also offer a number of educational tours interstate and overseas including visiting our sister school in Japan, Schoolies in Cambodia and Central Australia.


Year 9 at CDSC is an exciting opportunity for students to greater explore their interests and passions by selecting from a range of elective subjects. It is a time when we encourage students to consider their upcoming years of education and possible future careers.

CDSC supports our young people to make informed decisions; setting them up to achieve the most out of their education. This year in Pastoral Care classes, all Year 8 students will research and complete their Career Action Plan then investigate and discuss information relating to Year 9 subjects. Parents are actively encouraged to discuss the elective subjects offered with their child to assist the decision making process.

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Throughout Year 9, students have engaged in careers focused assemblies, the Exploring Options Expo, the Year 9 Careers Fair and numerous learning activities conducted during Pastoral Care that have prepared them to consider options for the following year. The pinnacle of this process is to select specific Year 10 pathways and subjects, with the support of course counselling interviews.

The College aims to provide an enjoyable, relevant, broad and rigorous teaching and learning program that provides both preparation for Year 11 and 12 as well as the training and guidance for future careers. During Year 10, there is an opportunity for students to study a VCE subject or commence a School Based Apprenticeship and Training (SBAT) course.

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It is the goal of Carrum Downs Secondary College that all students have a successful pathway to university, TAFE or full time employment. It is essential that students transitioning to the senior years plan carefully and make informed decisions that enable them to fulfil both academic and personal goals.

In our Senior Program (10-12) most students study the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). We also provide Vocational Education (VET), the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) and School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATs) in a variety of combinations, ensuring that students can achieve their aspirations. We encourage students to have breadth and depth in their programs, to pursue interests and develop talents and to follow a course of study required for their planned pathway.

CDSC is committed to supporting you and your child as they commence the next stage of their career journey. Throughout Year 10, students have engaged in careers focused assemblies, the Exploring Options Expo, the Year 10 Monash Experience Day and numerous learning activities conducted during Pastoral Care that have prepared them to consider options for the following year. The pinnacle of this process is to select specific Year 11 pathways and subjects, with the support of course counselling interviews.


“You might be at a job interview, at university, or overseas when the question comes up: ‘Do you speak any other languages?’

If you have learnt another language, you are more open to the world, and the world is more open to you. As well as being a global citizen, learning another language demonstrates skills and aptitudes that will make you far more employable in Australia and overseas.

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, opening a broad range of opportunities for you.

The Spanish program at CDSC offers a great opportunity for students to broaden students’ horizons about the personal, social, cultural and employment opportunities that are available in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world.

For students to enjoy their language learning, the Spanish program provides several activities and opportunities to use their language skills. We go to the city to learn how to cook paella and to explore the cultural relevance of food in the Hispanic world. We also have several workshops at school where we cook traditional dishes by ourselves, relishing the Hispanic culture in our mouths!

The International film festival or the Spanish film festival are events that we will participate in, giving context to the relevance of language learning. 

Gamification and IT tools are an integrated part of the Spanish curriculum, making students’ learning experience more fun and engaging. Check out the Spanish classroom and see how we learn playing!

We are also lucky to be able to provide students with Spanish native speakers to improve their communication skills and to boost their confidence using their Spanish. On top of that, we also offer the opportunity to travel to Spain on a language program where students will be immersed in the culture visiting Barcelona, Madrid and staying in a host family in Granada – this trip is subject to number of students and is offered to students from Year 9 to year 12.”

Ms Bennett – Teacher 


“This year at Carrum Downs Secondary College students across all year levels have been studying a range of both modern and classic texts, which have provided a basis for skill development around writing comparatively, persuasively, creatively and critically. Students have developed a broader understanding of the world through the study of current issues, as well as the historical context of their class text.

Students have developed an understanding of the problems faced in countries such as Afghanistan, Vietnam, Poland, Australia, America and the Philippines throughout history. There has been an increased focus on vocabulary through the creation of Word Walls that utilise terminology from the class text and those central to the area of study. Through the collaborative creation of the Word Walls and regular interaction with these, students have increased their vocabularies with a range of new and sophisticated words.

Students in Year 7 have undertaken a Spelling Program, studying words at their level and progressing forward at their own rate. Term 4 will see the highlight of the English calendar for the year as the Spelling Bee rapidly approaches. A selection of the top spellers from each class will face off in a battle of the minds, to establish the top Year 7 speller for 2018!”

Ms Cahill – Teacher 


“We have been off and running this year – we have SBAT students who are working in the Café Wednesday and Fridays to learn employability skills, as well as our WRS students who are regularly producing food for the Café for sale. We have also had our inaugural year 10 Café class working out in the café to get hands on skills in becoming baristas and developing simple food preparation skills.

We enjoyed our first birthday at the end of term 3 and we are looking forward to creating our tea garden out the back, and a children’s playground out the front. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lisa Floyd for her inspiration and seeing this learning centre come to fruition. Please stop by to see the students at work and a great cuppa…”

Ms Cron – Teacher 

“The café is an interactive classroom where students undertake a School Based Apprenticeship Program while connecting to our local community. Hospitality is a growing industry and the Cert III in Hospitality qualification can help our students’ pathway into work in organisations such as cafes, restaurants, pubs and hotels.”

Ms Stevens – ES Staff 

“Working in the café has helped build my confidence talking to new people and I have enjoyed meeting students from other schools. I enjoy taking orders and my coffee making skills are getting better.”

Ethan – Year 11 Intermediate VCAL 

“It’s great to get paid while I learn and I really like interacting with all the customers.”

Jordan – Year 12 Senior VCAL 


“It has been a wonderful year in Wood Technology with students at all levels engaged in their work. Year 7’s have made some wonderful mechanical toys, using power tools for perhaps the first time and taking some out of their comfort zone but I am sure this experience will help them in their future projects. Year 9’s have been busy making deck chairs and hopefully they will get some use over the summer period. Year 10’s have been making Adirondack chairs and I’m sure they are taking pride and place at home on a deck or in the back yard or even perhaps in a bedroom somewhere.

My VCAL group have really outdone themselves by raising over $800 dollars from the sale of Adirondack chairs and park benches of which they sold to staff, with the money raised being donated to the farmers rural aid fund. This is something that I am proud to be a part of and I am sure that they are proud of themselves for the amount of effort they have put in.”

Mr Snow – Teacher 

“We made these chairs to raise money for Charity. We sold them to the teachers and donated the money to the Fred Hollows Foundation. It was great to get to build something with a group of mates, especially seeing the final product at the end.”

Josh – Year 11 VCAL Student 

“Building these chairs helped me work as a team member, we had to meet with the clients that had ordered them and find out what design they wanted. Every teacher wanted something different and actually the product was my favourite part.”

Monal – Year 11 VCAL Student 


“This year in Humanities students have been involved in a range of activities at the Village including creating multi-cultural menus, greenhouses, building Viking longboats and longhouses, Polynesian carving and printing, and an investigation of bee colony collapse disorder. In addition, students have attended excursions to Docklands, Elwood Canal, Carrum Beach, The Museum, and The Shrine of Remembrance.

Incursions have included Polynesian Day where students participated in games and activities enjoyed throughout Polynesia and Start Smart a program run by the Commonwealth Bank on financial planning and security.”

Ms Harry – Teacher 

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